My name is ryan. I have been active from a younge age competing in high level baseball and hockey. i first starting experimenting with training in the gym to improve my performance as a varsity baseball player. over the past few years i fell in love with training and the feeling of accomplishment after a good workout. i have implemented many different training styles from "bodybuilding" to "powerlifting" and now "crossfit". i decided to turn my passion into a career shortly after graduating from schulich school of business.

i created full throttle strength and conditioning because i was tired of seeing other trainers giving poor advice and training methods to their clients. i not only give exercises that are catered to each individual client, but the same exercises i would do myself. i decided to run my sessions out of my home so that all my clients would feel comfortable, welcomed and at home. there is no fear of judgement in my private training facility in richmond hill. 

as a personal trainer and coach, i take my experience and knowledge to my clients. i apply everything that i have learned through training others, my own experience and my courses to get my clients into the best shape possible. with a combination of functional movements (strength training) and high intensity training (conditioning), i make the workouts tailored to your goals. i have a breadth of experience working with children all the way up to people who are 65. this includes working one-on-one, with partners, small groups and larger class sizes as well. i strive every day to provide the best personal training in richmond hill and help change the lives of all my clients. 

My certfications include: crossfit L1, canfitpro personal training specialist, nccp introduction weightlifting