The Cold Hard Truth About Your Health

As a trainer and someone who is active on the social media aspect of fitness, it is REALLY easy to see some common problems within the perception of fitness among people. There are a couple things that I would like to highlight in this blog that many people do not realize.


1) Getting to your goals takes a long time. Don't expect shortcuts or things to come easy. People give up way too easily because they don't see the results they want within a few months. The key point is that they don't see the results THEY WANT, not that they don't see ANY results. Is it realistic in 2 months to get a six pack? Not really. Is it realistic in 2 months to see an improvement in overall muscle definition and an increase in energy levels? ABSOLUTELY. Point is, don't give up.

2) This relates to the previous point but do not compare yourself to others or use social media as an "arena of judgement". What I mean by this is that most posts (popular posts) are of the highlights of people's fitness. Specific fitness characters and personalities show mainly the highlights of their health. No doubt that they have put in the time and effort to get to their success, but the whole point is that they have put in all that effort and time. Using the example before, you can follow your favorite athlete for their ab routine but doing it for 2 months won't get you a six pack. Doing it consistently for 1 year will get you there.

3) The last point I want to make about the cold hard truth is that goals will come and go. Your goal may be to hit a new low body weight or lift a certain amount of weight. But once you get there, don't unmotivated yourself. Find something different and new to challenge yourself. And I say this just to help with the longevity of your health journey. It will make things more fun and interesting. Getting comfortable is a path to reversing your hard work.