No Secrets Here

There is no “secret” workout or set way to workout to achieve your goals. There are many ways to get to the same goal. There is no new piece of equipment that will get you into perfect shape. However, there are general principles that you should follow:

1) Train often, train consistently: This is probably the best way to get to your goals. Want to get stronger in your squat? Squat more!

2) Train big muscle groups: Training big muscle groups will result in more muscle which is beneficial for ANY fitness goal.

3) Incorporate different aspects: Heavy weights, lighter weights, long cardio, short cardio, whatever it is, make sure your program has varity to expose you to different stimulus!

4) Intensity: If you’re going to train, try your bet every session. That doesn’t mean that every session will be its best, but giving 50% effort will result in 50% results.