Ryan's Lifting Principles

After many years of lifting weights and working out, the biggest thing that I have recognized is that continually improving is the best way to achieve your goals. However, you can’t achieve these goals when you are injured. Below I have explained my principles for a long and prosperous fitness journey.


This is the base and biggest component of exercising and lifting weights. If you do not have good technique you are bound to injury. Continually practicing bad technique leads to poor form until you hit the point of injury, it is inevitable. Take the time to learn movements properly.


The next principle is consistency. Can you perform the proper technique of the exercise over and over again? Can you perform it with light, medium and heavy weights? If so, then you can move onto the next principle.


Great so you have good technique and can perform the exercise properly over many repetitions. However can you increase the rate at which you can do those exercises properly? If not, slow down to ensure good technique.