Training Mindset

Training Mindset

Through my own training and helping others, having a good mindset going into a training session and even when training is super important. Don’t get me wrong, the body does have limitations but sometimes the mind can trick you into selling yourself short. So here are a few tricks to keep pushing when you feel like slowing down or quitting:

1) Count down - Give yourself 5 seconds rest. Count down from 5 to 1 and then begin the set/exercise again. It is a great way to get you going and cut down break time.

2) Focus on one set at a time - If you try to look too far ahead and think, “I have 80 more repetitions to go,” you are bound to fail. You need to think about smaller sets and increments. This makes it more manageable and you are more willing to get it done.

3) Have a training partner - Having someone to go through tough workouts with you is key. Naturally when you see them push hard, you will want to keep up. The energy between you and your partner will help you push to another level.

Some days, you will have bad training sessions and that is inevitable. Don’t let it drag you down and carry over to the next few workouts. Just move forward and put in more effort next time.