Full Body vs. Isolated Movements

Working every muscle body in your body is imperative to having a well rounded fitness routine. But when should you do full body and when should you do smaller, more isolated muscles?

Full Body Movements

Start your workouts with full body exercises. Squats, deadlifts, shouler press, bench press, cleans, snatches. All these exericses are good full body movements. They require a lot of muscles to perform the movement and for this reason you can increase the weight used for these exercises. This is beneficial because it is the best way to help you build muscle and strength in the most muscle groups. This will also help burn more calories as you are moving more weight over greater distances.

Isolated Movements

Isolated movements are beneficial for a few reasons. First, they can help fix imbalances and weaker muscles. For example you can correct weaker muscles on one side of your body. Additionally, isolated movements are good for aesthetic purposes. Developing smaller muscles are important for physique as well as an overall developed body.