Alternative Ways to Improve Strength

Wait, there is more that you can do to improve your training besides just training? Yes! There are many other ways you are able to improve. Here are some unconventional ways to improve:

1) Film Yourself: A lot of gyms will have mirrors, but I like to preach not using mirrors so that you can learn how to use your body and feel the weight instead of just watching yourself in the mirror. But on top of this, you should film yourself from different angles. You may notice things that your body is doing without even knowing it. You can also detect imbalances and improper movement that a mirror won’t show you.

2) Continue Learning: Watch videos, take courses, whatever you can to help you improve. You may learn techniques that you did not know of. Information can be passed along and there may have been a warm up or exercise or stretch you didn’t know of that could benefit you.

3) Have Someone Watch You: Having another set of eyes is great to pick up on things that you may not notice while lifting. They may provide different cues or comments than you are used to that can help you improve.