Learning the Clean Pt. 1

The clean is a very complicated olympic lifting movement that uses a lot of body parts. What’s great about this movement is that it reinforces itself, meaning you know when you do it properly and when you don’t. Today we are going to review the first position in a 3 part series.

1) Hip Position: We will be starting the bar at the hip and making our way down. However, the first step is to start the bar at your high with shoulders back and legs slightly bent.

2) Hip Extension: The first motion is to extend the hips, coming up on the toes and shrugging at the same time. Try to create as much upward momentum and force as you can.

3) Full Extension: The next step is to combine the legs and arms. As you extend your hips, pull on the bar getting your elbows up as high as you can. Again trying to create as much momentum upward as you can.

All of these steps combined is called the “3rd Pull” - there are 3 phases and this is the last set. As mentioned in the beginning, we will be working top down so next week we will cover the next portion!