Fitness Resolutions - How to Stick

With the new year approaching, many people will be starting resolutions which is great, but many times they don’t stick. Sometimes you need some help making the change, so here are some tips that will help

1) Make it a Habit: Exercises consistently, at the same and make working out and eating properly a habit. If it is something that you only do once in a while or inconsistently, changing your lifestyle will never work. It is something you have

2) Not a Short-Term Fix: As mentioned above, this is a lifestyle change. Make sure that you are not just trying to get in shape for the summer or for a wedding, but this is something you are looking forward to improving. If you ask anyone who has been in fitness and exercising for a long time, they will say the same thing. It is hard work, there are no shortcuts and there is nothing you can do to bypass consistency.

3) Enjoy the Process: Don’t forget to have fun while exercising. Try new things, learn different exercises/activities/methods. Remember since this is a lifelong change, it should be enjoyable and learning new things is the best way to have fun and get better!