Healthy and Fun Date Ideas

Spring is just around the corner so I hope you have the opportunity to go outside and get your sweat on. This post will go over some adventurous activities you can do to not only stay healthy, but have some fun at the same time.

1) Sushi Making Class

Raw fish, rice and seaweed is extremely healthy and a good way to learn how to make a new dish. These classes are fun, interactive and the best part is that you get to eat the sushi after!


2) Going For a Hike

The best way to make use of good weather is a hike! Choose a guided trail or make your own (which will probably be harder) to get a good sweat and enjoy nature. You will also be surprised as to how many trails and nature areas are close by!


3) Take a Yoga Class

Have you ever tried a hot yoga class? Not only do you sweat, but some of the positions are extremely difficult and demanding on your body. Most studios will offer drop in classes so you do not have to commit to a membership if you just wanted to do one class.

4) Archery Tag/Bubble Soccer

Sounds exciting right? Not only that, but both these activities are physically demanding and will help you work up a sweat. Be prepared with workout attire during these activities!

bubble soccer.jpeg

Now go have some fun and get active!