You Vs. You - How to Generate Motivation to Workout

To continually have motivation, determination and perseverance, compete against yourself and not others. Take time to reflect how far you have come and not if you are doing better than someone else. Celebrate your own small wins every workout, week or month which lead to big change in the long run. 

1) Take Small Wins: Increasing the weight you can lift by 5 pounds, doing 1 extra rep, all of these little accomplishments are what make exercising continually fun. There will be ups and downs, training days that range from great to awful. However, celebrate when you do achieve something you haven't before.

2) Make Exercising Habitual: I have written about this in another blog post but once you build that habit, it will be hard to break it. This is what leads to workout consistency which leads to long term results. 

3) Get a Partner: Honestly, having someone to bounce energy between makes workouts more effective. You push them when they do not want to go for more and they do the same for you. Find a partner who's style you enjoy and work together to get results!