Squatting is one of the most foundational movements. However, not everyone can perform a squat perfectly. If you're having trouble squatting, here are some ways that you can make it easier to get the same benefit. 

1) Squat To A Box: Squat to a box to practice the correct motion and movement patterns. It will help you get comfortable with the movement!

2) Banded/Pole Assisted: Use a squat or a band to help you pull yourself out of the bottom of the squat to help you get all the way down and up. 

3) Heels Elevated: By elevating your heels  it will help reduce the lack of flexibility  restricting you from going all the way down in the squat. 

4) 3/4 Squat: Squat as low as you possibly can (aim for 3/4 of the way down) and progressively go lower and lower as you get more comfortable with the movement. 

Regress Squat.png