There are many really good exercises out there for you, but I will be covering these specific movements that you must incorporate to your workouts that are essential to real life. 1) The Squat: This is a no brainer, but ever get up from the toilet or a chair? You are using your legs and training the squat will make this repetitive movement much easier over time. 2) The Deadlift: Another super important movement. Why? Try picking something heavy up with incorrect form, you are bound for an injury. Learning the deadlift will ensure proper form. 3) Shoulder/Bench Press: Any motion where you have to extend your arms will benefit from this movement. For example, opening a heavy door! 4) Pull-Ups: Being able to lift your own body weight up is an amazing accomplishment but also helps improve your posture when done correctly. Better posture helps in every day life.

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