At Home Recovery Tools

If you are having pain, tightness and soreness, seeing a therapist is a great option to help. You can take this a step further with at home remedies that can be purchased online. Here are some fairly cheap options that you can use to help aid recovery from your training:

1) TENS Machine: There are some cheap options that cause muscle stimulation which aids the recovery of muscles.
2) Cupping: Traditional cupping uses heat and glass cups but a cheaper alternative is to use plastic cups and suction to get the same effect. Cupping brings toxins and bad blood to the surface of the skin which will then be replaced by better blood with nutrients and oxygen. 

3) Lacrosse Ball/Foam Roller: Do your own soft tissue recovery with a lacrosse ball or foam roller. Tight muscles leads to pain which can be solved by doing some soft tissue recovery tools. 

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