Ever confused on how to make the most of your time in the gym? Below I will describe the best way to maximize your workout time and structure it to reflect this. 

1. Warm Up: Start your workout by using the first 5-10 minutes to warm up. Start with light cardio to get the heart rate higher, then move on to dynamic stretching and mobilization. This means doing short stretches and movements that prime the muscles you will be working. 

2. Strength: Pick a compound movement that moves a lot of weight in large distances. The exercises that work the most muscles will require the most energy and concentration so put them first. 

3. Circuit Training/Cardio/WOD: Call it whatever you want, this portion is meant to increase your heart rate. Really get you sweating. Whether it be sprint intervals or a combination of 3 exercises, use this portion to get that intensity up. 

4. Cool Down/Stretch: Now is the time to implement long held stretches to help the muscles that you just used recover. Use this time to also work on making sure your body can get into good positions to lift weights.