Adding Variety To Your Workout Program

Are you constantly doing the same exercises and finding that you are getting stuck in your fitness routine? Hopefully this article will provide insight on how to surpass plateaus and change up your routine.

Why add variety to your workouts? Changing up your routine is important because your body is always adapting to what you make it do. So if you are performing the same exercises over and over, your body will become very good at that but not progress after a certain point because it has become used to it.

Types of Variation: Let’s take the squat for example. If you are performing 5 sets of 5 repetitions, your body will get used to that. There are many ways to improve your squat without having just adding weight. You can perform a pause squat, holding for 3 seconds at the bottom of the squat. You can perform a split squat to isolate one leg and focus on building strength one leg at a time. Below are some variations you can use for your squat:

1) Barbell Front Squat 2) Split Squat 3) Pause Squat 4) Hack Squat 5) Lower weight, higher reps 6) Higher weight, lower reps 7) Tempo Squat - slowly descending or ascending