Methods To Fix Imbalances

Do you ever find one side weaker than the other? Or maybe you are having trouble and some discomfort because there are muscular imbalances in your body. For example having weak back muscles may lead to poor posture and painful shoulders. This is normal and most people have these imbalances. However, there are ways to improve the discrepancies.

What Are Imbalances Caused From?

There are a few reasons why imbalances happen in the body. First, everyone has a dominant side of their body, it is inevitable. Secondly, a lot of people train a specific area more than the other causing it to be stronger than its counterpart. As for the example above, if you train your chest more often than your back, your chest muscles will tighten up and your weak back muscles cannot compensate for it. Therefore you will get shoulder pain as a result of the imbalance. Finally, everyone is built differently and is stronger in different areas of the body. You must be aware of these problems and do your best to fix them.

Solutions To Imbalances

1) Isolate Left and Right - Train each side individually making sure that you are using the same weight and reps to try and build up the weaker side.

2) Train Your Weakness - Take the time to train your weakness to make sure that you are keeping a balanced and completely developed body.

3) Stretch/Massage Over-worked Areas - This will help release the tension in the muscles that are causing the pain.