Listen To Your Body

When training, it is important to listen to what your body is telling you. It could be giving you signs that you are totally unaware of because you are determined to reach your goals. Determination is very important but being smart while you are training is equally as important.


Do you find that your workouts are sluggish and weights feel extremely heavy? This is a sign that your body may need a break. This does not mean stop training, but try using lighter weights to allow your body to rest and come back the next week ready to get strong.


If you are feeling light headed, have a cough or sore throat, listen to your body. It is telling you to rest and recover. If you are very strict with your exercise routine, taking 2-3 days off to recover will not ruin your progress.

Progress Slowing Down

Relating to overtraining, if you are finding that weights are not improving and that you are unable to improve, this could be your body telling you that you need to change up your routine. Mix up the exercises, weights and repetitions to surpass


That little twinge that you are feeling in your back? Your body is telling you to get it checked out before you lift heavy. Let it rest or go get treatment before you try to push the limits and your body will thank you.