Why Bad Workouts Happen

Have you ever had a realy bad workout? Like I mean you had no motivation, no energy, weights that you can normally do feel heavy? While it may not be a common occurrence, it does happen to everyone. Below are some reasons that could cause poor workouts and what you can do about them. Causes 1) Lack of quality sleep: Whether you slept less than you normally do, had a change in sleep schedule, or were just restless throughout the night, sleep is a huge factor that plays a role in your training. Without proper sleep, you are bound to have bad days. 2) Poor Nutrition: It could have been a bad meal the day before or even a few hours before. If you are eating poorly you are not properly fueling your body to exercise and perform its best. You may feel sluggish and that is a result of eating poorly. 3) Overtraining: Maybe you have not taken a rest day or deload week recently. Your body eventually will not respond well to the training if you are going hard every time 7 days a week for months on end. Solutions 1) Take a rest day/deload week: Cut the workout short, go home and relax. Or go much lighter to still go through the motions but give your body time to recover. 2) Get Treatment: If there your body is fatigued and tired, it could be beneficial to seek a therapist to help release and relax the muscles! Stretching instead of training can also be beneficial.