Learning the Clean Pt. 3

Welcome to part 3 of learning the clean! This is the last instalment to the 3 part series going over the olympic lifting movement of the clean. To recap, last time we went over the knee position and the catch. The last portion is down to the floor and going back up.

1) Floor Position - Descent: Once the bar is at the knee, the last portion is to lower it to the middle of your shines which is called the floor. From the top of the knee, we transition the dominant muscle group from the hamstrings to the quads. From the knee you bent your leg to lower the weight to the floor. You want your shoulders to stay over the bar but have an upright position. Arms are straight and shoulder blades are pinched together.

2) Knee Position - Ascent: From the floor position, we bring the weight back up to your leg to the same knee position. To do this, you push the knees out to get them out of the way. The knees will go slightly back to transition the dominant muscle group back to the hamstring. From this knee position, you continue up your leg to the first hip position followed by extension.

A couple pointers as you go from the shin to the knee. First you want to maintain the same back angle as you raise the weight. Secondly, you want to push the knees back but not completely straighten the legs fully. This will help you maintain a good position.