Learning the Clean Pt. 2

Learning the Clean Pt. 2

Welcome to part 2 of learning the clean! This is the second instalment to the 3 part series going over the olympic lifting movement of the clean. To recap, last time we went over the hip position and extension. Next we will go over the catch and the knee position.

1) The Catch: After extending upward, you will receive the bar in the front rack. The front rack is a shelf that is created by bringing your elbows through and high. The bar will rest on your shoulders but not choke you.

2) Knee Position - Descent: Now that we have the catch position, we will go down further towards the floor. The next position is on top of the knee. Keep the bar riding along the leg as you bring your torso down. You should feel your hamstrings working at this point. Keep your shoulders over the bar and your legs slightly bent. your legs should not move, the upper body should only hinge at the hips.

3) Knee Position - Ascent: As you bring the bar up, you should be using your glutes, hamstrings and back muscles to ride the bar back up your leg to the hip position. Three major keys while performing this movement. First, don’t move your legs, only hinge at the hips. Secondly, do not let your knees shoot forward. Last point is make sure you bring it back to the hip position before extending.