The Stretch Segment - Week 1

Over the course of 4 weeks, our blog posts will be centred around mobility and flexibility. Each week we will focus on a different problem area and the best ways to prehab these areas. This week we will focus on the lats (back muscles). Here are 3 ways to improve these areas:

1) Foam roll: Place the foam roller close to your armpit just on the side. Slowly roll up and down getting all the way into your armpit. This may hurt, but that means that area is very tight.

2) Banded Lat Stretch: Anchor the band up high on a bar. If you have your right hand in the band, swing your right leg back and drop the knee to the floor. Push your weight into the right side. Repeat on the left as well.

3) Box Lat Stretch: Place your elbows on the bench holding a light PVC or stick. Put your knees on the floor. Now that your elbows are elevated, arch your back as much as possible. This will get the same area that you were focused on before during the foam rolling.