Why Warm Up?

If warm-ups are so critical, how come a lot of people skip this step and go right into the workout? Read below the advantages of warming up and why it is key in not only getting stronger, but helps promotes longevity of your fitness.

1) Reduce Injury: This is the number one priority for a warm up. If you do not warm up properly, the muscles are cold and not prepared. This will lead to a higher chance of injury. Injury means you won’t be able to train and will make it harder to reach your goals!

2) Activate Muscles: A proper warm up will allow you to prepare the muscles that are specific to whatever exercise you are going to perform. Getting the correct muscles to work together will lead to better performance of the exercises. This will then lead to lifting more weight and building more muscle!

3) Prepare For Heavy Lifts: It’s not safe or beneficial to go into heavier lifts without proper warm up. As mentioned above, when performing heavy lifts without warm up you can injury yourself. Not only that, but mentally you are not prepared for the heavier weight. If you progressively warm up, the weights will feel more manageable as you work towards that heavy weight.