Attempting Big Weights: Routine is Key

Sometimes it’s good to attempt heavy weights and test your 1 rep max. Why? To see if you have improved over a certain period of time. measuring your progress is great because it provides you with actual, tangible results. However there are some key points to remember when you are attempting these heavy weights:

1) Don’t change routine: If you listen to the same song, walk up to the bar the same way or even have a ritual, make sure you do all that stuff before. It may not seem like much but small things will throw off your focus. Losing focus is one of the worst things to happen when trying to lift a lot of weight!

2) Staying safe: if you are accustomed to having someone spot you, don’t change that. the same person should be spotting you the same way they normally do so that you don’t feel uncomfortable with someone else spotting you differently. this can cause you to lose focus and not concentrate on the weight.

3) Equipment: if you don’t normally use or have never tried equipment such as a belt, going for your heaviest weight is not the best time to do so. it takes time to practice using the equipment and getting used to the effects it has on your body.