Tracking Food To Reach Goals

While tracking food seems boring and redundant, it is a very beneficial practice to improve your fitness and reach your goals. The old saying of “you can’t out-train a bad diet” is absolutely true. Why only take your fitness and health halfway to its potential? You can improve your fitness game by improving your nutrition and tracking your food! Here are some tips below to do so:

1) MyFitnessPal: A great tool to track your food. It has an easy to use interface, barcode scanner for any labelled food, it can save previous meals and you can create your favourite meals. It cuts down the time of tracking food and use very easy to use.

2) Make Adjustments Every Week: If you want to start slow and make some improvements, do small little things every week to challenge yourself to change. Start small and keep up the small changes until they become long term sustainable habits.

3) Weigh the Food: By weighing food, you would be surprised at how much one cup of rice actually is. It will be more accurate and give you a better idea of what actually is your calorie consumption.

4) Short-Term Tracking: Just know that this tracking does not have to be a lifetime thing. You can use it for 2-4 weeks to get a better understanding of your nutrition. Once you know how much your body needs to reach its goals, you can slowly taper off. While it seems like a big task now, it will only be time consuming for the first few weeks.

Good luck tracking!