Kicking Up Intensity For Summer

It’s already May! Can you believe how time flies? We have gone from setting those goals in January to reviewing those goals in March to now kicking it up a notch as we head into summer.  Here are some ways to kick up the intensity if you are looking for an extra push for your workouts.


1) Add some form of HIIT Training:

HIIT is a fancy term for high intensity interval training. What makes it intense are bursts of energy ranging in time and small/medium periods of rest. It is really good to increase your heart rate, burn calories and the clock keeps you accountable!


2) Try a New Workout/Methodology/Training Style: Try new styles and methods of training. While you may not stick with it, you can learn something from training differently that can help improve your own workouts. It will also force you to change the type of training. This makes it harder on the body and forces increased intensity!


3) Grab a Workout Buddy: Working out with a partner is always beneficial. You share the energy, push each other and have fun. If you’re bored during your workouts, having a friend will always make it better!