Losing Weight and Dining Out

Often times I see that when people are trying to lose weight and they go out to eat, everything goes out the window and they go nuts. Just as often, people say that they ate poorly because they just HAD to eat out whether it was for a special event or occassion. But just because you go out to eat doesn’t mean that you have to abandon all good habits. Here are some tips and tricks for when you decide to eat out:

1) Plan Ahead: Most big chains have their menus displayed online. Additionally, now large chain restaurants have to display how many calories are in each meal. So it is really easy and simple to look ahead of time at the menu and decide early what you plan on eating. You can then budget this into your daily calorie consumption to stay on track.

2) Substitute: Make simple and easy substitutions to eat healthier items. Sub out the fries for a baked potato, salad, or any other option that is healthier.

3) Pack or Share: If you decide that you want to eat something that is unhealthy, that’s okay too! But to manage how much you eat, you can split it with someone else who is eating something healthier. Or you could even make some of it to save for later so you don’t consume everything in one sitting. These options are great to get the craving out of the way but not sacrifice your entire day for just one meal.