Losing Weight - Effects on the Body

As summer is fast approaching, a lot of people will try to summer shred to lose weight to look good for the summer. While my opinion is to lose weight slowly and properly, some people may not realize or know the effects of losing weight on their body. I have gone through weight loss as well, going from 200lbs to 160lbs. Below I’ll go over what I experienced during my weight loss

1) Reduced Energy: If you are eating less calories than your body is used to, you will definitely experience reduced energy. With reduced calories, your body has get the energy from fat cells. So that means that you may feel hungrier and more tired because you are not supplying the body with the calories to sustain your current weight. While this is not bad, just know this is normal!

2) Increased Temptations: If you are eating healthy and reducing your calories, seeing others eat unhealthy or junk food will be more tempting. You do have to restrict your food choices. Combined this with the above effect, you may feel greater urges to eat junk food. My advice to combat this is to find a healthy substitute, keep it out of sight and out of mind or eat a reduced portion of the treat.

3) Getting Consumed: As I went through my weight loss process, I found myself getting too overwhelmed and consumed with dropping weight. I started sacrificing going out, treating myself sometimes and revolved my life around trying to lose weight. Remember that everything is a process. If it took you years to put on weight, not all of it can come off immediately.