Getting Outside With Training

Now that it is summer, there are so many things that you can do outside to enjoy the weather and your fitness! Below I will list some ideas for how to take your fitness outside.

1) Biking: While you can bike leisurely, you can also turn it into a workout. Have you tried hill sprints on a bike? A killer leg workout!!

2) Running: This type of training is a staple. Why substitute it for running in an air conditioned gym staring at a screen?

3) Swimming: Hit up a beach and try swimming in open water! It is much harder than you think.

4) Dumbbell Workout: Don’t want to haul equipment outside? Take a single dumbbell outside for an amazing workout. Use the dumbbell in combination with the above styles of training for a killer workout.

5) Bodyweight: Feel the burn with an all bodyweight workout. Keep the reps fast and high repetitions for an amazing workout!