Testing Your Fitness

Following up on last week’s blog post, there are multiple ways to test your fitness to see if you have improved. Below, I will list some examples of different categories to see if you have improved in multiple ways:

1) Strength: Testing your 1 repetition max is probably the easiest way to test your strength. You can o this for almost every exercise from the squat to bench press. However, you can also test how many repetitions you can complete such as as many pull ups as possible. Finally, you can also test the number of repetitions within a specific time frame like a minute.

2) Stamina: Timed workouts will be the best to test stamina. For example, you can test the time it takes to run 1000m. You can also make it more fun and test the number of burpees in 10 minutes. Either time or distance will be the best way to test your fitness in this aspect.

3) Flexibility: While it is a little more difficult to test, a really good way to test your flexibility will be a sotts press. It is an extremely difficult movement. The method to test this is to find a scaled method to perform the movement. From there, work on flexibility. To re-test, try and remove some of the scaling options to see if you can perform the movement. If you can, then you have improved!