Healthy Summer Treats

Summer means hot weather, pools, outdoor activities, exploring and vacation. Among all those things, you definitely want to enjoy some treats but not go over board. Below I will give you some examples of treats I would eat to cool off/enjoy summer but sticking to my nutrition.

1) Frozen Grapes: Put these in the freezer and have this as cool tasty treats. Have you every tried cotton candy grapes? They will change your life forever!

2) Watermelon: A great, extremely good fruit that can be scooped right out of the melon itself! Put this one in the fridge as well for a nice cold snack.

3) Starbucks: A really good account that I discovered recently is called the Macro Barista. He makes macro-nutrient friendly drinks from Starbucks and tells you exactly how to order it. Check him out on Instagram for a healthy drink that tastes great!

4) Healthy Freezies: Blend up your favourite fruit, make custom flavours and add some honey to sweeten this treat. Pour it into a small ziplock bag and store in the freezer for a hot day!