What Does Health Encompass?

When people want to start incorporating health & fitness into their life, there are so many aspects that they are just unaware of. But that’s okay! Here at Full Throttle we try to incorporate these aspects in both our workshops and classes. Here is the breakdown of what "health” encompasses.

1) Exercising: This is what everyone thinks of when they think of improving their health. Yes, exercising is imperative and needs to be done but don’t forget the other pieces that are listed below.

2) Sleep: Why is sleep so important to your health? For a huge number of reasons. Being rested improves your workouts and allows you to push harder. Not only that, but sleep will help you not get sick which will allow you to train for months on end without any significant breaks. Being well rested also makes it easier to eat healthy. Think of the times when you want to just grab something quick or indulge, these are most likely the times that you felt tired.

3) Hydration: Hydration helps your workouts, your sleep, help your organs and move along the digestive system.

4) Nutrition: Another aspect that people think of when they think of health. Yes, absolutely nutrition is something that should be a part of your everyday routine. Proper nutrition will help you lose weight or gain muscle, sustain your body and help push you through good workouts. Working out with poor nutrition is much much harder than doing it when you’re eating well. So don’t work out to eat, eat to fuel your body through working out.

5) Mobility/Flexibility: Better technique leads to more weight lifted How do you improve your technique? Becoming more flexible and mobile. So the more you improve this area, the more you will also be able to lift! Not only that, working on these areas can help reduce stressing the wrong areas which can lead to injury. Injury is mainly caused when your body is compensating for a lack somewhere else. Becoming more flexible and mobile can help stop this. The longer that you can stay healthy, the longer you can train leading to better results!

6) Moving Your Body: In my opinion this is a catch all kind of category. Taking the stairs, walking to a shop, all these things are part of your health. You can go to the gym for an hour each day but if you’re just sitting or lying doing the rest of the 23 hours, your body won’t respond well when you try and push further. Move your body, it craves it!

7) Mental State: The final piece I want to mention is your mental state. Now what I’m specifically referring to is enjoying what you’re doing. If you’re going hard in the gym for 2 hours a day but dread each time you have to do it, what’s the point? You will hit a point when you don’t want to do it anymore. Find something you can enjoy and be happy while doing it. Same with nutrition. If you are starving yourself but hate how you can’t enjoy going out to eat, find a middle ground where you can be happy with your goals and enjoy yourself. This is a lifelong journey that is meant to be fun and enjoyable. Yes it will be tough, but you want to be happy while doing it.