Tips To Meal Prep When Busy

Life can get busy some times, but that doesn’t mean you should not meal prep! Preparing your meals beforehand is extremely important for multiple reasons. First, it will make you less likely to eat out which typically has unhealthy away. Secondly, it will make you less likely to grab junk food. So when you are busy, here are some tips to speed up the process of meal prep:

1) Use Different Cooking Techniques At Once: In a hurry? You can bake, boil and fry three different ingredients all at once to make cooking going faster!

2) Leverage the Freezer: Did you know you can fully cook meat like chicken, then freeze it to keep it good for later? Then just defrost when you need it!

3) Cook in Bulk: Make a lot of food at once. When you do have the time, cook as much as you can and then freeze/store for when you need it.