How To Structure Your Training

Have you ever felt lost when wanting to workout? Stuck on what exercises to do, how many sets, in what order? Well today’s article is about to help all that! I will be discussing how to properly structure your training. So first, let’s go over the order.

The beginning of the workout, where you have the most amount of energy should comprise of compound movements. Compound movements can be described as moving the most amount of weight over the largest range of motion. Squats, deadlifts, cleans, pressing, snatches, etc. can all be categorized as compound movements. They use the most amount of muscle groups and help you build the most muscle. So you should start with these and then move to smaller movements.

In terms of sets and reps, you should at least have 3 working sets of the top weight you will be doing on the compound movements. Then you progressively increase by adding more reps, more weight, more sets. This will mean you are progressing and getting stronger!

Lastly, finish the workout by focusing on weaknesses. Use this time to do prehab. Prehab are preventative exercises to strengthen weak areas.