Why dieting doesn't work - Changing your lifestyle does

With New Years quickly approaching, large amounts of food and shopping, its no wonder that people always have resolutions to get back in shape or start a new exercise routine. The biggest problem - they don't last. People rarely ever stick with it and those who do are highly likely to fall back to old habits. The biggest lie that people tell themselves is that they will start to diet come the New Year. The percentage of people that actually stick with it is disturbingly low.

So if it's so difficult to stick to this diet and exercise thing, how should I plan to get back in shape? Change your lifestyle with the following action plan:

  1. Start exercising now. Today. Don't make another excuse. Don't time it, see how far you've run or how much weight you lifted. Just exercise.
  2. Start making small changes in what you eat. When you go out, see those fries you ordered? Ask for a side salad instead. Add more veges and less processed food. Most restaurants will have something that is moderately healthy and not all fried food.
  3. Stop drinking pop or adding that stuff to your coffee. It would surprise you how much that will not only reduce the amount of calories but how much better you will feel without those added calories.
  4. Don't eat out as much. Seriously. It is a lot easier to eat healthy when you have time to cook and plan it out. If you really don't have time to make food, instead of running to McDs(I know you do), go into a grocery store. Grab a pack of chicken, some veges or fruit and have that instead. Not to mention it will probably be cheaper.

The only one who is stopping you is you. Force yourself to change today. Now do that every day.