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Healthy Summer Treats

Summer means hot weather, pools, outdoor activities, exploring and vacation. Among all those things, you definitely want to enjoy some treats but not go over board. Below I will give you some examples of treats I would eat to cool off/enjoy summer but sticking to my nutrition.

1) Frozen Grapes: Put these in the freezer and have this as cool tasty treats. Have you every tried cotton candy grapes? They will change your life forever!

2) Watermelon: A great, extremely good fruit that can be scooped right out of the melon itself! Put this one in the fridge as well for a nice cold snack.

3) Starbucks: A really good account that I discovered recently is called the Macro Barista. He makes macro-nutrient friendly drinks from Starbucks and tells you exactly how to order it. Check him out on Instagram for a healthy drink that tastes great!

4) Healthy Freezies: Blend up your favourite fruit, make custom flavours and add some honey to sweeten this treat. Pour it into a small ziplock bag and store in the freezer for a hot day!


Enjoying Summer While Staying Healthy

During the nice weather, people love going out, enjoying longer days and patios. But the question is, how do you enjoy all of these activities while trying to remain on track for both your fitness and nutrition? Here are a couple pointers I will give to help with that!

1) Get the healthy stuff out of the way first. This applies to both working out and eating healthy. Train earlier so that you won’t miss a workout. Eat healthy earlier in the day if you plan on going out to eat later that night. Don’t just write off an entire day.

2) Moderation is key. Going out to a patio for drinks? Enjoy the drinks but moderate how much you drink. You will be surprised at how many calories are in a beer.

3) Find healthier alternatives. If going out to a cottage, maybe bring light beer. Having a bun-less burger and fruit instead of chips. These easy substitutes will help you keep on track in the long run.

4) Make outdoor exercise an regular activity. Riding a bike, going for a hike, golfing, etc. Enjoy the weather but have fun all at the same time.