Healthy Summer Treats

Summer means hot weather, pools, outdoor activities, exploring and vacation. Among all those things, you definitely want to enjoy some treats but not go over board. Below I will give you some examples of treats I would eat to cool off/enjoy summer but sticking to my nutrition.

1) Frozen Grapes: Put these in the freezer and have this as cool tasty treats. Have you every tried cotton candy grapes? They will change your life forever!

2) Watermelon: A great, extremely good fruit that can be scooped right out of the melon itself! Put this one in the fridge as well for a nice cold snack.

3) Starbucks: A really good account that I discovered recently is called the Macro Barista. He makes macro-nutrient friendly drinks from Starbucks and tells you exactly how to order it. Check him out on Instagram for a healthy drink that tastes great!

4) Healthy Freezies: Blend up your favourite fruit, make custom flavours and add some honey to sweeten this treat. Pour it into a small ziplock bag and store in the freezer for a hot day!


Health Benfits Not Many People Think Of

When people think about getting into shape, there is one thing that majority of people will think of. What are they? "I be more aesthetic," or the most common, "I will lose weight." But being health goes beyond so much further than this. So here we go:

1) Your energy levels will improve.

Why is this? You may think of energy as a percentage, and you have a certain percentage of energy you can spend in a day. Truth is, the body is constantly trying to increase the amount of energy it can produce. Energy, or ATP, can only reproduce when that ATP is consumed. When you exercise, your body can then create new energy and your body constantly wants to do this. So in fact, the more exercise you do, it allows your body to be able to reproduce more energy.

2) You will be more sharp and attentive

Relating to the last point, when you exercise you also improve blood flow. Blood carries oxygen which allows for more ATP production. You know what this means? More energy for your brain. Exercise actually increases the production of mitochondria, which is the cell responsible for creating ATP.

3) Reduce the risk of disease

Exercise time and time again has proven in studies that it lowers the risk of premature death and other diseases such as cardiorespiratory disease. Exercise reduces body fat which aids with diseases such as type 2 diabetes. The evidence is there people.

4) Improves mental health and helps combat depression

Exercise releases chemicals in the brain such as endorphins which improve feelings of pleasure. Not only that but they aid in distraction, confidence and social interaction.

What more are you waiting for? Be active and get moving.